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As a part of the Built Environment Education Program, CPD for Building Designers offers courses, masterclasses, symposiums, events and seminars ‘designed’ to inform you as part of your perpetual learning curve. Providing you with the latest, most relevant, most up to date information regarding a myriad of topics pertaining to Australia’s built environment. 

These include fireproofing, universal design, condensation, biophylic design, sustainable building, and many more.

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There is an increasing expectation for professionals to undertake Continuing Professional Development regardless of industry sector, career level, job role and responsibilities. Search for CPD courses, seminars and events here.

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“If you’re a student building designer, joining BDAA is the best thing you can do,” said Benita Elliott, a recent building design student graduate who also participated in the BDAA student membership and student mentoring program.

State Based Quick Links

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development

Welcome to the new NSW Planning Portal – a digital space where community, industry and government can work together to better understand and meet their obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Development Applications Online

This website contains a range of fact sheets, how-to guides, statutory instruments, templates and other documents to help support developers and inform the community. You can access this material on Resources page and throughout the website.

SA Planning Portal

A statewide resource for planning and development in Tasmania.

Victoria State Government for Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

PlanWA is a public mapping tool that provides access to planning, land and heritage data across Western Australia.